Last week i spoke at websummit 2022 about  closing the loop with AI. Just wanted to share some thoughts from it. It’s no secret that the world is producing more waste than ever before. In 1950, the world population was just over 2 billion. Today, it’s estimated to be 7.8 billion. With more people comes… Read More

We grow up with love and security. Our lovely prescribed life can be like a marble in a tea cup. The marble can go round and round from the centre of the cup; It can even bounce out of joy or anguish thinking it’s reached its limits. Typically parents protect us with their love and… Read More

My grandmother (paternal) Indulekha Mitra was one of 6 sisters growing up in pre-independent India. I never had the good fortune of meeting her as she passed away when my dad was a teenager. Even though I never met her – I have this Goddess like image of her in my mind. She was incredibly… Read More