We grow up with love and security. Our lovely prescribed life can be like a marble in a tea cup. The marble can go round and round from the centre of the cup; It can even bounce out of joy or anguish thinking it’s reached its limits. Typically parents protect us with their love and sometimes project their own imagination onto us.

Marble in a tea cup

It’s not their fault we are all unique and very few have the capability to understand life from a broad perspective. Inspite of being superior of species our cognitive capabilities are very limited. Hence we have gift of spiritualism from nature to compensate for it. We can explain things with faith and hope what the eyes can’t see or ears can’t listen – it’s a great gift – one of greatest experiences in being human.

So based on the tea cup philosophy of our parents view of us is the boundaries of the tea cup then our friends are like the saucer beneath the teacup with a bigger boundary. They keep pushing us to do things in more exciting ways – sometimes even break the rules. We realise actually the marble or rather marvel of life is not limited to boundaries of the cup, there is a whole new world of things to experience than what our parents taught were possible. We start enjoying the new found possibilities and get annoyed by the new set of boundaries.

Sooner or later we goto college and some of us successfully graduate to discover interesting economic pursuits fuelling hunger of the soul or filling hunger of the pockets with vanity and wealth. Neither is bad or good – it’s just human. Our new colleagues make us pompous and we feel grown up and very confident realising life is well beyond Cup and Saucer. It’s true limit is the round table which is much bigger in diameter and circumference then originally painted by parents and friends. You start taking some risks but your colleagues or partner stop you saying don’t be reckless as marble of life will fall of the table and smash into pieces the moment you play around the edges – your inner being wants to fly.

My dear friends in reality life is much bigger – in fact the harder you throw the marble the stronger it bounces back. The more you give your life a chance the more chances it gives you back.

Give your life a chance. Go loose your marbles 🙂 You might think I’m mad. Who wants to be sane and boring in a world of possibilities. What’s the worst that can happen – you’ll fail and so? When you start growing old only thing you truly own is not anything materialistic- you own stories, memories and impact.

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