This was the first time I visited SXSW in Austin and I must admit it was better than my perception of it from reading blogs. It does seem like a place where a company like twitter can be born.

SXSW Interactive is definitely the place to be and it’s a big part of what SXSW stands for: what’s the next big thing. SXSW Interactive is still the place to go to discover great ideas.

Hundreds of parties are hosted which makes doing business a lot more fun. My colleagues from blippar had a great time attending some of the coolest parties in Austin.
Spotify house was my favourite with ping pong table, great bar and brilliant live music.
Conduit put a great show by launching the new mobile U browser at #conduitcorner and inviting Scooter Brawn promote some of his upcoming artists like Tori Kelly, she is super talented.
Sxsw was a great blend and balance of big brands and small startups.

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