Failure is a key experience in every entrepreneurs career to truly value and understand the meaning of success.
The extent to which you cope with disappointment, learn from it and move on, your probability of success improves.

I grew up in an environment where failure was not an option. The Indian sub-continent is unforgiving to the concept of not succeeding whether its in school, university or employment. This mindset discourages entrepreneurship. The fear of failing in business makes doing a well paid job a safe option for majority of smart brains in the country. “I told you not to do it” or “why you giving up such a well paid job?” are common expressions from friends and extended family.

Failure taught me significantly more than success. Important disclaimer to mention is how you handle failure is key to learn from failure. If you face it boldly, you gain self realisation and insight about yourself and where you wanna go.
Through years of perseverance I figured out that you can’t do everything by yourself. I also learned the importance of long lasting relationships, the importance of timing and self belief that anything is possible.
Blippar gives an appearance of an overnight succeeding startup, but years of effort has gone into facing failure together with my cofounders and learning from it.

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