Augmented reality is still in it early stages of adoption, but its showing all the symptoms to be the 8th mass market medium.
In 2014 we will see first usage of augmented reality with 4D.
AR platforms like Blippar are already doing sophisticated 3 dimensional content experiences which get activated from physical objects like a Pepsi can.

At Blippar we are working on making our blipps being responsive over the dimension of time. The blipps will transform itself based over a period of time.
Blipps could also respond to environmental factors like temperature, pressure, light etc.

We also foresee product packaging to be responsive over time so consumers could identify short noting perishable goods easily.
We look forward to creating consumer package goods (FMCG) experiences where static packaging gives time based dynamic AR content experiences heading to dynamic packaging giving 4D dynamic content.

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