We are entering the age of wearable devices with each wearable device having computing power to fulfil and empower some aspect of your lifestyle.

We are seeing the early adopters playing with prototypes of head mounted devices like Google Glass, gaming devices like Occulus Rift, fitness life trackers like UP by Jawbone and smart watches from Sony and Samsung. These are first hints that the supply market is pushing momentum and consumer market is giving feedback more than ever before. And the feedback is Wearables is a whole new ball game. Large enterprises selling technology hardware, computers and phones have to unlearn some their industry knowledge to win in this new space. The difference – Wearables is what you put on your body and not carry in your pocket. The difference is that simple, but it’s not a small thing. See when we put something on our body we express ourselves in a more personal way. It represents us, our personality, our mood, our uniqueness as human beings.
In coming years we will notice a lot more fashion brands get involved with selling technology as that industry knows a lot more about selling personality reflecting products. The watch market has done that for years. All watches show the same time, but it’s sold not as a time device but an accessory to suit your lifestyle, personality, status, profession and more.
Wearables have bright future as long as the tech industry is willing to understand that people will wear them even when they are not working – that needs to be the benchmark of style.

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