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To reduce poverty and increase living standards of the vast majority in the world we cannot just rely on globalisation as the answer. Politicians have used FDI as an excuse over the years for lack of fiscal resources. What governments need to do is create provisions and processes to encourage ideas coming forward. New ideas, gender equality and education can solve a lot of problems for most countries.

If billion people poor people in India and China start living the same way Europeans and Americans do, it will lead to environmental catastrophe. When state is thinking of modernisation it cannot just copy what the west has done in the past decades. The big emerging economies copying matured industrial economies of the past have the risk of becoming a one legged bird with large wings.

Use of technology is the only sustainable way to build new societies for e.g self driven cars, paperless governments, recycled materials, green energy. Modern societies were built on being burden on the environment. Neo modern societies of true empowerment will be built on sustainability, connectivity, collaborative consumption, knowledge accessibility. Education is not enough to solve all of worlds problems – it certainly helps. There is no guaranteed correlation between self awareness and education. I think I digressed in this article – will write some other time about self awareness.

Technology can save most people from having an extremely difficult life.

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