Who are you really?

Who you are is more important than what you do.

I don’t read CVs and try to avoid using search engines prior to meeting people. It takes the fun out of meeting, dilutes the element of surprise and potential serendipity.

Even when the meeting happens I rarely ask people what you do? – because what you do is not who you are. The society gives a lot of importance to what a person does and it’s correlation to financial reward. That doesn’t define you.

Am I defined by basic identity of name, gender etc.? … The answer is NO

you are not a name

or a height, or a weight

or a gender

you are not an age

and you are not where you are from
Am I defined by family, job, ambitions, hobbies? … NO

People work their entire life to create a sense of identity around their job, their family, their hobbies. But none of these is who you really are. You are not your family. You are not your job, income, or performance. You are not your current situation or the mistakes you have made. Mistakes are just corners or bumps on your journey; they have nothing to do with who you are, and neither does what you do or how successful you are.

You are bigger than all those things. You are much more than just a businessman or a mom or a student.
Then I must be my thoughts, my fears, my memories… NOT at all.
You are not your fears, your thoughts, your insecurities, or your memories. You’re not what you’re criticised for and you’re not what you’re praised for.
Then who am I?

The outside world can only trigger or block your experience of your true nature.

You are everything you’ve ever loved. Each time something beautiful takes your breath away, that’s you experiencing yourself. Every sunset, every mountain, every river, every passionate crowd, every concert, every tune, every drop of rain – that’s you.
Sometimes you’re not lacking in anything except awareness. Everything you’ve ever wanted is already there, awaiting your attention, awaiting your time.
Increase your self-awareness up to the point where you shouldn’t depend on the opinions of others about who you truly are..
You are a boundless wealth of potential. You are everything that’s ever been.

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