This was the first time I visited SXSW in Austin and I must admit it was better than my perception of it from reading blogs. It does seem like a place where a company like twitter can be born. SXSW Interactive is definitely the place to be and it’s a big part of what SXSW… Read More

Advertising Week Europe #AWEurope was trending on twitter this afternoon for London area. The european heavyweights of advertising were present. The venue was the prestigious Bafta but not suited for large conference crowds, especially on a wet day. The one thing Advertising Week Europe had going was it’s engagement with audience. The common takeaways were… Read More

This March, Harvard University invited me and a roster of global luminaries from field of entertainment, government, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and scientists to Harvard Business School to discuss and embrace the most powerful reality of the Indian story: that there is no single, universal Indian narrative. I thoroughly enjoyed my panel discussion on Developing the next… Read More

I was invited to speak at Oxford Inspires conference at Oxford University last weekend. I was chuffed by the invite as one gets to meet smart people and possible future hires for the business. It’s a new entrepreneurial conference that brought together great entrepreneurs to inspire and educate Oxford student members. Check out the entrepreneurs… Read More

Two years in a row I had the distinct pleasure of speaking at Mobile World Congress at Barcelona. Besides flurry of device launches and parties, I had the chance to meet key world influencers of the mobile industry. This year I spoke about Retail Therapy; Enhancing the Shopping experience through mobile. Other industry experts coca… Read More