This was my year of hat-trick keynotes at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Definitely had intention to impress but wasn’t clear till late winter what will I be showcasing. We at Blippar were experimenting with Glass now for months with limited success as its a low powered device and struggles with data processing. Our top R&D guy Gary was at it for weeks with limited signs of hope.
Many who have Google Glass presumes that it’s real augmented reality device with full image recognition capabilities. Unfortunately it doesn’t come built in with Augmented Reality and Image recognition. Every sci-fi fan like myself cannot imagine a whizz geeky eyewear on our face and not interact with the world it sees.

We had to build it.

The pressure was high on the R&D team – they took the leap of faith on my guidance and I took the leap of faith on their work when I went on the stage literally hours after the product had been alpha tested. The stage was big – it was the main auditorium 1, full of mobile and tech glitterati from around the planet.
We did the worlds first live demo of a minority report style experience where google glass will recognise images and faces and add interactive content with Blippar glass. It was proud moment for blippar the everybody in the team.

It was also a giant leap forward for the augmented reality space.

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