I’m generally a lazy person when it comes to physical agility. But my mind isn’t, I’m pondering about little nothings several times a day. It’s these little thoughts which can suddenly lead to interesting inventions. And most ideas come in a minute; people have asked me in the past that I must have spent months building something, when in truth most breakthroughs happen in an instant, often when I’m not expecting it.

An absent minded stroll does wonders for me, immersing myself into the inspiration of nature and people. My way of stepping deeply into this meditative space is by walking through it day in, day out, whenever possible.

Ideas or problems requiring solutions float at the back of our subconscious minds constantly, and when taking a stroll we are processing fresh random data points with our eyes. Each random, curious moment or passing gaze can contribute to forming of the idea or a key solution to an unrelated problem.

Creative thinking is a big part of any problem solving. We drive creativity from our observational experience in life and the more experience we have of the world, the more points we have in our minds to be creative.

Wandering and pondering is extremely healthy. Often people say to wanderers “why are you wasting your time, doing nothing?” without realising people who are apparently doing nothing sometimes end up creating miracles.

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