To reduce poverty and increase living standards of the vast majority in the world we cannot just rely on globalisation as the answer. Politicians have used FDI as an excuse over the years for lack of fiscal resources. What governments need to do is create provisions and processes to encourage ideas coming forward. New ideas,… Read More

I’m generally a lazy person when it comes to physical agility. But my mind isn’t, I’m pondering about little nothings several times a day. It’s these little thoughts which can suddenly lead to interesting inventions. And most ideas come in a minute; people have asked me in the past that I must have spent months… Read More

No two businesses in the world are alike. This is because their Cultural DNA, defined by the combination of the business proposition and the entrepreneur, is unique. This is why even identical competing businesses are fundamentally different. The Cultural DNA of a business is set at the beginning – after all the in the early… Read More

Great team with the wrong strategy gets to the goal fast but wrong end of the stick. Bad team with a good strategy gets somewhere but never reaches the goal. Bad team with a bad strategy stand in the middle of the battle field to be culled – they never go nowhere. Great team with… Read More