This was my year of hat-trick keynotes at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona. Definitely had intention to impress but wasn’t clear till late winter what will I be showcasing. We at Blippar were experimenting with Glass now for months with limited success as its a low powered device and struggles with data processing. Our top R&D… Read More

I was invited to speak at Sparks LSE 2014 – an entrepreneurship conference organised by London School of Economics. While telling students my story of growing up in India I introduced this buzzword ‘jugaad’ which is a common word in Hindi slang but its interpretation defines the spirit of entrepreneurship for early stage startups. Jugaad… Read More

We are entering the age of wearable devices with each wearable device having computing power to fulfil and empower some aspect of your lifestyle. We are seeing the early adopters playing with prototypes of head mounted devices like Google Glass, gaming devices like Occulus Rift, fitness life trackers like UP by Jawbone and smart watches… Read More

Michael Schumacher, the greatest racing driver of all time and seven times F1 World Champion had an accident last week while skiing and now is fighting for his life. Its a sad day for his fans around the world as F1 would never be the same without him. The man who cheated death so many… Read More