Augmented reality is still in it early stages of adoption, but its showing all the symptoms to be the 8th mass market medium. In 2014 we will see first usage of augmented reality with 4D. AR platforms like Blippar are already doing sophisticated 3 dimensional content experiences which get activated from physical objects like a… Read More

Daily Mail suggests the behaviour of blipping or to “Blipp” could take impulse shopping to a whole new level. The Christmas of 2013 will see several examples of catalogues, magazines, and newspapers educating the users to Blipp to buy with the Blippar app. Please follow and like us:20… Read More

Failure is a key experience in every entrepreneurs career to truly value and understand the meaning of success. The extent to which you cope with disappointment, learn from it and move on, your probability of success improves. I grew up in an environment where failure was not an option. The Indian sub-continent is unforgiving to… Read More

This was the first time I visited SXSW in Austin and I must admit it was better than my perception of it from reading blogs. It does seem like a place where a company like twitter can be born. SXSW Interactive is definitely the place to be and it’s a big part of what SXSW… Read More

Advertising Week Europe #AWEurope was trending on twitter this afternoon for London area. The european heavyweights of advertising were present. The venue was the prestigious Bafta but not suited for large conference crowds, especially on a wet day. The one thing Advertising Week Europe had going was it’s engagement with audience. The common takeaways were… Read More